What companies benefit from Roundtable Engineering Solutions design solutions?
Many companies will benefit from our systems. Those with lump-sum contracts, control over several engineering disciplines, or with work of similar nature will realize significant gains.

How much time is saved using the integrated approach provided by a Roundtable Engineering Solutions system?
If you currently perform calculations with a variety of software programs and develop drawings in a traditional 2D environment, there is a potential to realize time savings up to 90 percent. Achieving the maximum savings, a project normally requiring 100 man-hours can be reduced to as little as 10.

Why incorporate 3D models into the design?
The most compelling reasons are:
1. Owners are increasingly requesting or requiring 3D designs, which provide for better visualization.
2. Our environment easily lends itself to 3D model automation.
3. A 3D model makes interference problems easily identifiable.